[HQ] Minah “I Miss You” concept photo - 1300 x 1951

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Ball Park Music - Caloundra Music Festival

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"I would much rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization."

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T-ARA are back with their new single Sugar Free.

For this comeback, the Queens of pop are taking on EDM, layering their typically catchy k-pop vocals over a strong club beat. Although smaller, rookie k-pop girl groups have tackled the genre before - Delight's Hate You being a personal favourite - this is a first time an idol group has incorporated it into their music, and the result is a hypnotic blend of East meets West.

Sugar Free is an addictive dance track - and no doubt Korea’s next chart-topper. Watch out for the release of their new EP AND&END tomorrow.

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Chibi (The Birthday Massacre)

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LADIES’ CODE (레이디스 코드) - I’m Fine Thank You

Stay strong my girls.

You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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mostly nature

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Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes

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- Siouxsie Sioux.

- Lydia Lunch.

- Nina Hagen.

- Anne Marie Hurst.

- Lene Lovich.

- Danielle Dax.

- Ana Curra.

-Dinah Cancer.

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Femme on fire - Simone photographed by Pauline Darley for Playboy.com

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The Cramps live in Baltimore, photos by Billy Whitfield

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"You’re inhaling smoke, emotionless, somewhere on a map, 
unaware that I am falling flat. 
And you will hurt me, and I deserve it.

It’s late.
You are not awake, and it’s nothing.
I want you so bad it’s devouring me, and I think I love you,
but you’ll never find out.”

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Kate Bush in Japan, 1978.


Kate Bush in Japan, 1978.

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